Sunday, May 24, 2015

green skirt

Normally I'm not the typical skirt girl but sometimes you just want to fell feminine and girly and a skirt or dress is the easiest way to achieve it. I'm not a huge fan of short and tight skirts because I fell very uncomfortable when I wear them but skaterskirts is good alternative when you want a short skirt but not this tight ones, like I do.

I'm still laying in my bed but it's time to get up now and eat some breakfast with the family and then to make a long walk with my bestie and our dogs and enjoy the beautiful weather.
Enjoy your day peeps!<3

skirt, top, bag and earrings from H&M // shoes from Zara /7 necklcae from Asos

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

tone on tone

On some days you just don't need any colorful color in your outfit. I wore this look some days ago and it was this kind of day. All I needed were beige and white clothes, sometimes it's so easy to create a look. It looks casual and classy in one time, so it's a good way to dress  like this when you have to work, going out for dinner or for a city trip, for example, so you see it's very multifunctional. Which is very important to have in my views, we all need those looks that we could wear to several, different occassions.

trenchcoat from H&M // pullover, jeans and shoes from Zara // bag from Mango

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Friday, May 22, 2015

those evenings

I have the luck to live where other people come for holidays. The beach and the sea are so peaceful places. I love to spend time there, it's the best way to relax. My bestfriend and I ( and also my dog) prefer to be there in the evening. We put together the most important things like food, drinks and a blanket. Then we do nothing except of enjoying!

My two babys! ♥ (Big love to my dog and my bestfriend)

My baby and I

Have a wonderful Friday evening!