Monday, August 3, 2015

paisley patterned dress

Say hello to my new (maybe a bit to ) short dress.^^ But it's no problem when you wear a shorts under it to be prepared when it's windy or you have to master stairs and co, haha. Nevertheless it's all worth it because the paisley pattern is very cute and trendy this summer. I think you can style it in different ways, I already wore it with some hippie jewelry and more brown accessoires but this time I decided to comine it a bit more modern and classy with a black cateye sunglasses, orange/ apricot (? I'm so bad at colors sometimes, haha) lipstick, orange (! this time I'm sure ) shoes, the clutch in leopard pattern, the statement rings and the long trenchcoat. That's really the best thing about fashion, you can wear the same clothes in so many different ways, play around with the styles and express your different moods with them!:)

Now it's time to spend this beautiful evening ( I think the summer is finally back here with 28degrees celsius, yippie ) with a walk by the sea side.

dress and shoes from Mango // coat from H&M // bag from Zara 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ted Baker

Sometimes it's worth waiting for something. I already saw this jacket around one year in a shop in Hamburg but maybe you know that Ted Baker isn't so cheap so I just could dream about having it. Everytime I visited Hamburg I looked after this jacket and the price but stupidly it didn't get in sale and cheaper. Buuut thanks London and the summer sale, I finally!!! found this last jacket in one of the ten shops of Ted Baker in which I just searched this jacket and it was more than 50% cheaper, yippie!!!:) Additionally I'm a very lucky girl because my mum likes Ted Baker too, so we decided to share this bag so now I have the perfect matching bag, hehe.

Since the jacket and the bag is already an eyecatcher, I kept it simple, this time, and put on a destroyed jeans, a basic grey t-shirt and nude high-heels to make the look more feminie.

How do you like this jacket, was it worth waiting for it?♥

jacket and bag from Ted Baker // shirt and jeans from H&M // shoes from a shop in Italy

Saturday, August 1, 2015

maritime inspired outfit

It's the new accessory to bind a scarf around your bag! Okay I don't know if it is this new but it's definitly a cool way to pimp up your bag and when it gets cold you have always a scarf by your side to warm up a bit, so it's also very useful, haha.

Btw my dog is slowly feeling better, I'm so grateful for that! But I still don't want to leave him alone so my bestfriend will come and we will make a cozy afternoon in the garden and enjoy the sunshine ( yes finally the sun is shining again!!:) ). So I will change this maritime inspired outfit ( striped shirt, blue colors, light jeans) with a bikini to get some tan, hehe. Later we will cook and make some cocktails and enjoy the evening also in garden.:)
Have a good day Ladies.♥

pullover from Bikbok // shirt from H&M // jeans and shoes from Zara