Monday, August 10, 2015

Berlin City Trip

I'm home again after being in Berlin City for three days. My bestfriend and I decided spontaneous to go there and combined some meetings with relaxed activities in our capital city. On Saturday and Monday we did
some shopping in the Mall of Berlin and also on the 'Kürfürstendamm', I think it's the main shopping street in Berlin?!:) Maybe it was because of the weather or anything else that we both didn't bought much, just a few things.^^ But I think that's rather something we can be happy about instead of sad, haha.

In this post you can see some random photos of the days, especially of Sunday when we walked along the Spree and afterwards relaxed in a small park and tried to get some tan. On this day it was definitly to hot to do anything except of sunbathing and relaxing. But let the pictures talk about the perfect weather.^^

Preview of the following outfit post.




  1. Berlin ist absolut cool :) Für mich geht es dieses Jahr im Herbst auch nach Berlin, yey :D


    1. Oh wie schön, da wünsch ich dir schonmal ganz viel Spaß!!:)


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