Wednesday, February 4, 2015

trenchcoat in the classy way

I bought this shoes some weeks ago in the Zara sale and I can't describe how much I like them! This is one of the less pairs in which I can walk the whole day without
changing to sneakers.^^ They have the perfect height and they are nearly the only reason why I don't want summer, haha.
Today I styled the boots in a very classic and elegante way so that lots of people told me that I look very grown-up and asked me to which meeting or date I go, but I had to disappoint them because I just went to school and sports, haha.
I also tried a new hairstyle because usually I don't really style my hair at all. Okay this look is also very easy, I just turned my hair in over night and in the morning I opened it again and voila - I was ready to go. Then I put on some red lipstick and my 10minutes styling was ready.:)

coat and belt from H&M // pullover and shoes from Zara // jeans from Bershka

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