Thursday, March 19, 2015

black, jeans and blue details

What a nice day! The sun is shining, the school finished earlier today and the gym was empty, so many reasons to be happy. Another reason for a good mood
is that tomorrow is finally Friday. And guess where I am tomorrow evening?! In the stadium again to cheer up for our Haburg boys. My best friend and I will rock the stadium and they haven't got another chance than to win the match, haha.

My look today is a mix of some of my favorite pieces like a black leather jacket, casual jeans and to make the outfit more classy and exciting I wore high heels with blue accents. Another good way to make your look more interest and cool is a metallize(?) sunglasses. Sorry I'm not sure if this word is right so I try to eplain what I mean, sunglasses with color glasses which are like a mirror, haha oh sorry it sounds so stupid.^^
Hugs babes!<3

jacket, pullover, bag and jeans from Zara // shoes from Primark

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