Thursday, July 23, 2015

Just a dream!?

Here you can see some images of Amrum. Not for nothing this island is also famous for the slogan ' small island - great latitude' and it's so true. The landscape, the sea and the beach is just
breathtaking and also the people are so friendly and relaxed, it's a huge difference to the life in a city. I could imagine myself in a few years, spending the summer months with my man and our four children in a cozy house near the sea. Do nothing expect of relaxing, bathing, playing with the childrens and dogs, eat a lot of good food in this nice restaurants and enjoy our freedom to the fullest. Okay stopp, I have to wake-up of this day-dream, haha. But maybe one day I will write exactly such a blogpost from this island and show pictures of my family playing around at the beach. But who knows what will happening... Btw yes I want to have four children (my opinion in the moment; some years ago I wanted to have eleven, a whole football team!! crazy...^^) but let's see if I have the same opinion when the first children is born, haha.
Now I will continue this day-dream with a night-dream. I wish you all a wonderful night, sleep well my beauties! Lots of kisses!<33

  Sneekpeak of the next outfit post.


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