Saturday, August 1, 2015

maritime inspired outfit

It's the new accessory to bind a scarf around your bag! Okay I don't know if it is this new but it's definitly a cool way to pimp up your bag and when it gets cold you have always
a scarf by your side to warm up a bit, so it's also very useful, haha.

Btw my dog is slowly feeling better, I'm so grateful for that! But I still don't want to leave him alone so my bestfriend will come and we will make a cozy afternoon in the garden and enjoy the sunshine ( yes finally the sun is shining again!!:) ). So I will change this maritime inspired outfit ( striped shirt, blue colors, light jeans) with a bikini to get some tan, hehe. Later we will cook and make some cocktails and enjoy the evening also in garden.:)
Have a good day Ladies.♥

pullover from Bikbok // shirt from H&M // jeans and shoes from Zara

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