Wednesday, August 5, 2015

perfect day by the lake

This is Sophies and my day in pictures. We spent the day by a lake in the city and first enjoyed the good weather. Later it started to rain and storm but it wasn't a problem,
we just put our staff together and went under a bridge and drank there our Capri Sonne drinks.^^ I think we will never get grown-up and still drink this drink in 20years instead of sparkling wine or something like that, haha. All in all it was a perfect day with my girl, like always when we are together.♥

Btw it's not a dress which I wore, it's a skirt and a matching top. hehe. When it is about 30degrees celsius it's a bit difficult to style a cool look because you can't combine it with a special jacket, scarf or something like that. So the best way is to make it more special with some jewelry, a sunglasses and a nice bag, okay sometimes it is also to hot for this things.^^

Best drink!:)

 top, skirt and bag from Zara // shoes from H&M // jewelry from Primark

My beautiful girl, Sophie♥

Nice Wednesday to all of you:)



  1. Dein Outfit gefällt mir besonders gut. Finde die Kombination von Hose und Oberteil einfach klasse, du siehst wirklich toll aus :)

    Liebe Grüße :)


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